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Worship Music and the Worshipful Life

I admit it – I’m addicted to worship music, and can even become a bit of a worship music critic. That’s sad, but I’m just being honest.  Of all things to be critical of, worship music has to be one of the worst things. We make a joyful noise and pursue a heart of worship.  The music part can easily become about us, so really, I should spend my time worshipping him without music and in private.  Musical, public worship should be an overflow and icing on the cake. Truly, worship is about every little choice I make throughout the day to honor God or not.  By the time Sunday morning comes around, it is already too late to decide if my life is going to be about worshipping Him.  A Worshipful Life is quite independent from worship music.  Romans 12 tells us that we should submit our bodies as “living sacrifices” and that this is our true act of worship to God.  I believe that a God-filled life is one where a Worshipful Heart and music happen to overlap whenever possible, but the former is certainly more important than the latter.

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