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What is true worship?

Pastor Paul Hoffman raised the essential question: What is true worship?  Feel free to post your response here as a comment or in the Facebook group for Aquidneck Island Worship.

I like to reference the Psalms, Romans 12 and James 1 for my own answer, but there are several other passages that illuminate the issue.  What scripture comes to mind for you?  Feel free to respond with Biblegateway links so others can read it too.

What does it mean to worship God in spirit?  and truth? 


  Alex Madden wrote @

I have my own thoughts but I was curious to see what the dictionary defined worship as: adoring reverence or regard.

This is a broader definition. Some try and define it as a ceremony. Others as a gathering of religious believers. While it can be this I believe that praise to Jesus Christ is a state of being, its a switch that should constantly be turned to the ON position.

As believers we have been given the Holy Spirit to walk with and be consoled by, to ask questions and generally be our hotline to the Father. As the Holy Spirit is with us at all times (although often it is easy to tune him out) so too we should be walking, talking, being, and praising in the spirit.

It is too easy to loose our awe of God. Being in a perpetual state of praise is often just letting ourselves be in awe of God, letting ourselves be his children and therefore adopting that childlike attitude towards him.

That being said there are times when I fail to do this and times when I feel more moved in my praise than other times. I know there have been times when I have been moved to tears when I was just alone with the Lord in praise. If I think back the absolute most true, honest praise is when I have been alone with the Lord and have just let myself bare all to him. I have told him about my pain, anguish, mediocrity, failure, shame, and how I was so thankful that he was willing to take that away from me if I was willing to let him.

I think true worship is seeing what truely is, and being honest about it. Its a matter or perspective I suppose. Seeing him, seeing us, seeing the relationship. Seeing and knowing all that can only lead to true worship and praise as we get to know him better.

  Alex Madden wrote @

As I see some verse references were requested I will submit Ephesians 5:19-20

  suzanne kane wrote @

I think true worship is different for each person. prayer, singing, listening, playing an instrument, recieving communion. These are all different acts of worship. I believe that true worship is a place or way that you become connected with GOD.
There are times that no matter how much I feel I am worshipping (singing at my hardship, which is a little scary, i don’t sing well–like a hound dog) and I can’t FEEL the connection but I do know in my heart and soul that he is there and we are connected and that feelings are just temporary.

  grahamplaster wrote @

that is beautiful, Suzanne!

  Pastor Steve Robinson wrote @

Worship and true worship, relevant question for today. Worship first and foremost is not about the style of music. Too many churches called their music worship but worship comes from the heart and it acknowledges who Jesus is.

The church has split and divided on what they believe is true worship. Lyrics and music can not replace the human heart in an act of worship. Instruments may be tools of praise and worship or set the mood to get into God’s presence. But I firmly believe worship can be done without any music but not without the human heart.

Because of that I believe churches make a huge mistake to discard music that allows people to enter into God’s presence based upon a personal preference or because it is culturally relevant. Leaders should teach people to worship God and not just offer the latest songs to their congregations (provided they know how to worship).

Contemporary music is not better than hymns and hymns are not better than contemporary music. They are both useless with the right heart music.

If churches and leaders understood this there would be know worship wars. IMHO

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