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What do you want from your church and what can you give to it?

This is the first part of a dialogue within the Aquidneck Island Worship community about church dynamics. I’ll preface by saying that it is a medium for honest feedback about the local church scene, but it is not a place for unchecked negativity. Let’s be humble and let’s have grace.The first two questions to discuss must go together. What do You want from your church and what can you give to it? These questions must go together because too many people shop for churches like they shop for the perfect pair of shoes. While one always hopes for a perfect fit, the reality is that churches are made up of people, people aren’t perfect and therefore there will always be a certain level of discomfort. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a church that God affirms is your home, has your particular theological DNA and the vibe that feels right for you. In my opinion a church should make you feel at home AND challenge you at the same time. This is a delicate balance, but completely possible for any church. Hospitality is so important and so is exhortation. Together they form the dynamic tension that resonates with the human spirit as authentic community (Acts 2, James 5).So, what to YOU want from a church?Second, what can you give? It isn’t fair to come to church with our need alone. We should also bring our gifts. Perhaps you are coming to church for the first time. God says to come as you are. Perhaps you feel as though you have nothing to give. That’s ok. Come anyway. Come first to the building you think is the church, but then discover that the church is really the people. Everyone has something to give, eventually. As we step into the love of God, there are all kinds of dormant things that begin to grow, beautiful things. In my opinion there are seasons for your gifts and it would be helpful to do a regular self assessment. In one season of your life God might want you to play an instrument. In another season, he might want you to wash dishes. In yet another, he might want you to hang out with the kids in Sunday school. What can YOU give?

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  Paul Hoffman wrote @

Hi Graham, nice site! Good stuff.

I think the first question is “What is true worship?” That is the question that Jesus raised to the woman at the well in John 4. I would love to hear some Biblical responses to that vital question.

Pastor Paul Hoffman

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